Catching up with our FITC Toronto Contest Winners #FITCTO #VVFITC

The much anticipated design and technology conference, FITC Toronto, which took place from April 21st-23rd, 2013, has come and gone, leaving excitement and hopefully, more than a few inspired attendees in its wake. We chatted briefly with Lily Tse and Mukul Seth, who both won tickets to the conference through our Twitter contest, to learn more about their experience at FITC. We also gained some insight into what impressed them most about the conference, and how female speakers and exhibitors were represented.

Lily Tse – @tigerlilytse

Lily Tse

Lily is the Founder and CEO of Happy Monday and Think Dirty, an unbiased product-comparison app that educates consumers about the potential toxic ingredients in their cosmetics and empowers them to make healthy and safe choices. She is passionate about design, technology and activism. She considers herself lucky to be able to work on projects that combine all her interests.

1. Describe your experience at FITC for us.

It was a great event to learn what’s happening in the industry. I caught a few presentations and saw a lot of demos in the entrance hall. Overall, I would have like to have seen more women presenters.

2. How were women represented at FITC?

As I mentioned above, I would have liked to have seen more women presenters. Women only represented about 10% of the speakers. Hopefully, we will be able bring up the percentage up to at least 30% in the future.

3. What was the most inspirational thing you heard at FITC/the most inspiring thing you saw and what was inspiring about it?

The coolest I saw was the multitouch – see through display for DJ turntable. It’s made in Canada by the company Smithson Martin and is called The Emulator.

Mukul Seth – @m_seth


Mukul works for Digiflare, a digital agency at the forefront of creating connected user experiences. Mukul is passionate about graphic design, photography, and music.

1. Describe your FITC experience for us.

My FITC experience was absolutely fantastic. It was great to meet and chat with various industry experts. It’s amazing to see what’s possible when you have the freedom to realize your dreams. I was extremely inspired by some of the technology demos that were created purely as an experiment initially but ended up getting used in the real world just because they were so awesome. There really wasn’t anything that I thought was missing from the event and it not only met my expectations but exceeded them in every possible way.

2. How were women represented at FITC?

I felt as though women were represented really well. There were quite a few women speakers that had amazing stories to tell, and I felt like I was able to benefit from their experience and the different point of view. It was quite refreshing. Sara Blake’s work in particular was extremely inspiring.

3. What was the most inspirational thing you heard at FITC/the most inspiring thing you saw and what was inspiring about it?

What inspired me the most was the presentation by Memo Akten entitled “Trying to Understand the Nature of Reality”. His approach to all his work seems to be to create emotional responses instead of what we see as traditional user experiences. Users are people first and if your work can speak to them at a human level then you have succeeded. You have to let your passion come through in your creations. I think applying this philosophy to everything you do will definitely yield very positive results.

Thank you, Lily and Mukul, for sharing your experience and insights!


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