NXNEi 2013: Meet Our Winners


We had two tickets to give away to NXNE Interactive, so we asked our network: which woman presenter you are most excited to see at NXNEi and why? We were truly impressed by the range of thoughtful, compelling responses we received and are excited to announce the winners of our contest, Mustefa Jo’shen and Lauren Souch. Their entries can be found below in addition to all the other great entries we received. Thank you very much to everyone for your submissions!

Mustefa Jo’shen:

I want to see Medina Abdelkader.

I met Medina over coffee while thinking of applying to OCADU’s Graduate program in Strategic Foresight + Innovation. She gave me advice on the application process and what to look out for, etc.

That wasn’t what interested me. Her name interested me. I’m Iraqi, she from Egypt. It’s amazing to see women in our industry doing amazing things; and it’s so much more inspiring, and so much more of a connection to see a strong Arab women transcend her background and leap into pursuing happiness on her own terms.

Medina was happy. And as a woman, inspired this guy to chase happiness as well, and not settle for the average.

Lauren Souch:

I’m most interested in seeing Nada Alic from Etsy present. While I am a huge Etsy and handmade craft fan, I also am really interested in the panel she is participating in: “Re-imagining work, reclaiming your life”. As someone who struggles with finding the perfect work/life balance, I’m interested in seeing what others have to say about this topic.

Finally, I saw an interview with Alic recently, and something she said really stuck out to me: “I love that it’s a novel thing to unplug – we’ve gotten so far digitally that it’s trendy to connect with people face to face”. I go to a lot of meetups – and quite a few social media/tech ones – and I always find it so interesting that we’re all still tweeting, instagramming, and socializing online WHILE socializing in person. Sometimes it really is nice to totally, completely unplug.

Dan Levy:

The woman presenter I am most excited to see at NXNEi is Meg Button and her presentation “Influencers: The New Media Buy.”

The reason I am most excited about this is because I know Meg and know that she is a very smart individual with some great experience which she can draw from for her talk. Since she is a marketer – working at Star Content Studios as a Digital Creative Lead – as well as coming from the other side of the fence as a blogger/”influencer” gives her a unique ‘double perspective’ from which to draw on for her talk. Because of that, it won’t be a one sided presentation and will probably enter some pretty interesting territory and result in a wealth of new ideas and thinking for me.

Lastly, as someone who became an “influencer” without intending to I would love the answer to the question: “How can I make money without becoming a sellout to my fans and followers?” which is mentioned in the presentation’s description.

Joshua Murray:

[I want to see] Laura Horak present about community management on a global scale. Laura’s reputation and results put her at the top of her class and the chance to learn something from her would be a great way to kick off the summer.

Lee Bondzio:

I am most interested in hearing from Jennifer Hood.  I work in a similar industry (graphic design) which typically has men in lead creative roles. I’m interested in hearing how

Jennifer has migrated from working in a design house to her own business and the obstacles she’s faced along the way.

Elena Sarasom:

It’s so hard to choose, but the woman I’m most excited to see is Nada Alic. I absolutely love Friends with Both Arms and given the fact that’s plugged into one of the most shifting and ever-changing positions ever in the world of social media, I’d love to hear her feedback about taking such a career path and her vision of the future of online communities.

Over the last few years of my life, I’ve undergone a huge transformation both physically, mentally, and spiritually and have strongly been applying the “life by design” principle to every area of my life, particularly my career. I know that hearing Nada speak about choosing satisfaction over money will be hugely encouraging and speak to my own choices to leave a position in finance and start managing social and filmmaking.

Plus, I fell for the Seth Godin quote in the description. This alone makes me positive that this will be a juicy presentation.

Lon Wong:

I’m most interested in seeing Jennifer Hood – who wouldn’t want to ‘live the dream?’

Hazel Llanes:

One female presenter I’m really excited to see at NXNE is Cassie McDaniel. She’s a designer, illustrator, writer, overall awesome person and founder of Women && Tech, an interview series with prominent women in the Toronto tech scene. I first heard about Cassie’s work through the Kickstarter campaign for Beto’s Burrito, a children’s book written by her dad that she helped publish. I thought the story of how that collaboration came about was touching and over the years I have just been constantly inspired by the work she’s been churning out.

I currently study at OCAD U for graphic design and still have a long way to go before I even come close to her level of expertise. But seeing her work and reading her articles and blog posts have provided me with a direction to aim for. I want to make the kind of things that she makes: meaningful design that creates positive change both locally and globally.

Phil Clarke:

I’d most like to see is Jennifer Hood. I’ve been following her for years and feel there is a lot to learn from this industry veteran!

Sabnam Islam:

I really want to see Francesca Accinelli’s “Government Money for Projects? Fact or Fiction” at this year’s NXNEi.

Lauren O’Neil:

The female presenter I’d be most excited to see is YouTubes’s Ipsa Desai. She’s speaking on the Habits of Highly Effective YouTubers. Ipsa is a strong role model for any young woman looking to break into the tech sector. Not only does she hold a dynamic and challenging role in strategic partnerships, she’s a former Google employee and dynamic public speaker. I’d love to be inspired by her and Soo Been Kim in their presentation to start producing content for YouTube again!



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