Venus Ventures Video Series Presents: Ones to Watch

Venus Ventures is proud to release our video series, a succession of interviews with two extraordinary groups of women who are making incredible impacts in the fields of STEM. Our first series is “One to Watch” and includes in depth interviews with women taking the first steps in their STEM careers. In this series, you’ll have the chance to hear all about what sparked these women’s interest in STEM, the exciting direction their work and research is taking, and what advice they have to offer future generations of girls and women who are looking to make an equally important impact on STEM fields.

Our second video series is called “All Stars” and takes a closer look at the work of established veterans in STEM fields, who through hard work, dedication, and stamina, have reached high level positions in STEM fields and become leaders in their field. Interviews with STEM All Stars will tell you all you need to know about what it takes for a woman to make her mark in STEM, including the challenges that arise along the way and what it takes to overcome them.

In our first “Ones to Watch” interview, we talk to Berivan Esen, a graduate student at the University of Toronto in the department of Earth Sciences. Currently studying astrobiology, Berivan is particularly interested in answering the question of whether Mars can support life. In this video, Berivan discusses the exciting effects of her research, how she attained an internship at NASA simply by asking for one, and just how far passion can get you in your life and career.

Check out Berivan’s interview here:

Continue to follow Berivan’s journey through her NASA internship  (and beyond) on www.venusventures.org

Also, be sure to check back on our website regularly for new interviews.


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